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02 March 2015

Birthday Haul In Progress!

Hey fashionistas, just letting you know about this exciting new haul that I'll be posting within a couple weeks. It'll feature all of the b-day items that I'm buying for myself for my birthday. I can not wait to share them with you all and give my feedback.  You can even check them out on my pinterest board and get the full details on each dress before I feature them. Awesome right? Below I will leave a link of my Pinterest Board, "Birthday Gifts for Me," featuring all of the cute items that I'll be purchasing.

I NEED YOUR HELP WITH THIS HAUL: Let me know in the comments below on how I should do this clothing haul. Should I do a haul video, post pictures of me wearing the items and describing them, or should I do a voice over of a video of me modeling the clothing.

25 February 2015

Get the Music Festival Look!

Get the Music Festival Look!

Up above are looks that I would wear to a music festival. I love these fun, bold, and daring looks. These looks include  eye-catching patterns, lines, shapes, and and colors that will have you looking A-MAZEBALLS anywear!

Items featured in set:
Lavish Alice gold crop top
$40 -

Peep toe shoes
$46 -

River Island black stretch choker
$7.71 -

If you'd like to see more of the featured looks, click on "Get the Music Festival  Look" under the set!

What would your stylish, music festival look consist of? Comment down below of pics and pieces you'd wear!

05 September 2014

Wardrobe Staple: The Tote!

Wardrobe Staple: The Tote!

Tote bags, in my book will never go out of style. They can be worn in any season, with any fabulous look, and with all trends. I especially love large, bold in color, hardware pieces, similar to the one featured in the set. I would say that I am obsessed, but let’s just say if I were to splurge on any wardrobe staple it would have to be the tote. Although I have not bought a designer tote yet, I set search for totes with that ultimate designer look. Check out the designer-like bag I bought a couple of years ago (My Steve Madden Bag).

In the featured set, I found a gorgeous, gaudy tote that I would purchase for myself for the fall. In this evening look I paired a simple, tailored jacket with a burgundy, knee-length skater dress; both pieces are from H&M. From the Nordstrom Rack, I added a super-sexy pair of Alea Lace-Up sandals. To complete the look, I added a silver-tone twisted chain body harness from River Island, aquamarine stud earrings, a set of Cuadrado rings from Aldo, and a taupe, Colpalombo watch; Aldo.

Items Featured in Set:
H M mixed print dress
$21 -

H M tailored jacket
$41 -

Nine West black heel sandals

River Island structured tote
$74 -

Aldo jewelry

ALDO yellow gold jewelry

River Island silver tone jewelry
$11 -

What is your wardrobe staple for the fall? Comment down below!

07 August 2014

7 Days of Style

7 Days of Style
For all of you college fashionistas out there headed back to school. I have created a weekly set up of some pretty cute outfits that you could wear during the first week of school. Now these are only ideas, but you can always take inspiration from this set and incorporate it into your own amazing style. When creating this set, I thought of pieces that I would personally wear, mixed with items that I wouldn't normally wear, but would totally rock. Keeping you guys in mind, I made sure to choose affordable and purchasable items that you could buy for your first week back. :)

7 Days of Style by dulcepinkxoxo featuring platform shoes

Items Featured in Set:

Shirts top

Golf skirt

Acid shorts

Circle skirt

Keds sneaker

Vans slip on shoes

Jelly shoes

Miss Selfridge summer shoes

What's your back to school style? Comment down below!

28 July 2014

College Style and How to Work With What You've Got

College Style and How To Work With What You've Got

Hey ladies, it's about that time! Those grueling college nights will be right around the corner and you need to be prepared. We're not going to talk about homework, tests, studying...anything of that nature. We're talking about STYLE, and how you can work with what you've got during the semester. Whether you're a freshman or a soon to be graduating senior these little tips that I'm going to give you, will and should be used; they're simple steps to follow and of course an easy "A" in the style department.

Now, these are not new tips that you haven't heard of before. All of you at some point in time, have heard of them and used them in your everyday wardrobe. The 3 B's of College Style-be daring, be you, be comfy! When you wake up in that 20x20  dorm room, you need to chant this mantra before you spend hours upon hours looking for that ultimate look to wear to class. Yes, you should be focused on your studies and what not, but if you don't feel and look your best, you are most certainly not going to past that I wrong? Ladies, you and I have had our fair share of just waking up and throwing on something. Well, not this time! Follow these tips and hopefully you'll be spending 30 minutes or less looking for an outfit instead of 2 hours. It will be a struggle I guarantee you, but it can happen!

Let's define the 3 B's- Be Daring; find pieces in your closet that you "think" may work with your outfit, or something that you've thought about wearing, but don't have the guts to wear. Wear it girl! That bright pink fedora or those hounds-tooth shorts that you've been eyeing for weeks, need to be worn. They're in your closet for crying out loud! Pair that fedora with a loose fitting t-shirt dress and denim shorts. Or style up those hounds-tooth shorts with a plain white blouse and black sandals. However you style those interesting pieces, just make sure to style it according to your personal look. That brings me to the second B of style-be you. I'm sure all of you have heard about the rules of fashion and the do's and don'ts, but screw those rules! The world of fashion is all about creativity and making it your own. Don't conform to the style around you, be an individual. And be comfy, especially on campus. Do not wear anything that will cut off the circulation in your legs, feet, thighs, or any body part really. If some pieces are form fitting like your crop top or shorts that's ok, just pair it up with something loose fitting to balance it all out.

The overall message to take away from this is to have fun with your wardrobe and try new things, you never know what pieces may or may not work for you if you don't try it. Your wardrobe should define your personality and who you are on the inside and out. Be yourself on campus-not only through your wardrobe, but through your amazing personality. And be fashionably comfortable on campus. From one lady to another, that  super cute, short body-con skirt in your closet need not to be worn unless you're okay with pulling down your skirt every five minutes. Take it from me...

Do you have any tips for rocking the ultimate campus look? Comment bellow!


26 July 2014

Pack & Go: Hawaii

Pack and Go: Hawaii
Pack and Go: Hawaii by dulcepinkxoxo on

An all expenses paid trip to Hawaii? I'm there! Here's an example of what I'd "packandgo" for the trip.

Items Featured In Set:

Crisscross Cocktail Dress-Lublu: Kira Plastina
Darling Day Away Shorts-Mod Cloth (1 In Stock)
LaLeela Cotton Beach Sarong- Amazon UK (1 In Stock)
Ring Detail Bikini Brief-Nelly
Azieb Crochet Lace Bra Top- A&O: Stacey Bendet
Jeffrey Campbell Dodge Fringe Sandals- ShopBop
Michael Kors Medium Selma Top-Zip Satchel-Forzieri
Rope and Stone Bracelet-Sole/Society
Rose Gold & Round CZ Station Necklace-Gilt
Quay Eyewear Yibrow Sunglasses, In Gold-The Trend Boutique
Vicky Plait Belt-Forever New
Paul & Joe Eye Color Trio Refill, In "April In Paris"-Asos
NARS Lip Gloss, In "Turkish Delight"- Look Fantastic

What would you "pack and go" for this amazing trip? Comment down bellow!

Freaky Friday: Celebrity Edition

Freaky Friday: Celebrity Edition
Freaky Friday: Celebrity Edition by dulcepinkxoxo on

Ever wondered what it would look like if Zooey Deschanel and Iggy Azalea switched styles? That would be an interesting fashion switch I'd like to see.

Items Featured In Set:

Iggy Azalea's Switch...
Chiffon Lace Skater Skirt-Nelly
Serpui Marie Mother of Pearl and Straw Clutch
Classic Peep-Toe Stiletto-Charlotte Russe
SNO of Sweden Carla Earrings-Zalando

Zooey Deschanel's Switch...
Lace V-Neck Crop Top-BooHoo
Printed Pencil Mini -Amazon
Coco Chanel Vintage Belt-Farfetch (Out of Stock)
Robinson Mini Dome Satchel-Tory Burch
Sergio Rossi Chichi Suede Pumps-Moda Operandi

Which two celebs would you want to see a fashion switch from? Comment down below!